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Director’s Newsletter – February/March 2018

Our themes for the month of February include Feelings and Emotions, Dental Health and Dinosaurs. We are also continuing our yearly focus on kindness.  A paper heart was given to each child at Godly Play; please have your child decorate it and return to school so we can display them during Chapel this month.

Please see me if you haven’t reserved your child’s place in a class for the 2018/2019 school year. (A $90 registration fee is required).

Looking for some fun activities this summer?  Come join us for Kids Kamp.  Information is being emailed and a paper copy in the school bag during the week of Feb 5.  For the early registration 10% discount, you must register by March 9.

Safety reminder:  please be careful in the parking lot.  As we get into winter weather, I know the snow makes parking a challenge; park in marked spaces when possible.  Be sure to keep the area in front of our main door open for pedestrians.  THANK YOU!

To help keep costs down, we appreciate any donations of napkins, 5 oz paper/plastic cups, small paper plates, hand wipes, facial tissue and paper towels.

February dates to remember:

  • Feb 13/14 – Valentine’s Day parties (during regular class time)
  • Feb 19 – NO SCHOOL – President’s Day
  • Feb 21/22 – Chapel, 11:00 (please join us, all are welcome)
  • Feb 26/27 – Hearing and Vision screening (during class for 3-5 yr olds)

Looking ahead:

  • March 20 NO SCHOOL – Parent Teacher Conferences
  • March 21/22 – Chapel, 11:00 am…please join us.
  • March 26-30 – NO SCHOOL – Spring Break
  • April 23-27 – Family Week/Book Fair
  • May 5 – 25th Anniversary Fundraiser, dinner and silent auction, 6-10 pm
  • May 22 – Last day of classes and extended day activities
  • May 23 – Graduation Day (for students graduating to Kindergarten) THERE WILL BE NO REGULAR CLASSES THIS DAY
  • May 24 – All School Picnic, 11 to 1 pm, Deerpath Park shelter on Warrington Rd.

God’s Blessings!
Kathy Davis, Director


Tots – March 2018

Dear Family and Friends,

It is time to start thinking about spring in our classroom. The Leprechauns will visit and leave a touch of their magic behind.  We will be working on sharing, exploring the solar system, and preparing for the Easter season. Please note that there is no school the week of March 26-30 for spring break. School will resume Monday, April 2. Thank you for all your support!

Special Dates:

  • March 2/3- Wear your pajamas to school!
  • March 20- NO SCHOOL
  • March 21/22- Chapel Time
  • March 26-30- NO SCHOOL for Spring Break

Miss Tracey and Miss Lisa


Starfish & Angelfish (Young Three’s) – March 2018

Welcome to March!  We will have a full month!  We will have fun celebrating pajama day, wearing our pajamas to school.  Our themes for the month include the solar system, St. Patrick’s Day and rainbows.  Our color is green and our shape is the rectangle.  We will continue through the alphabet with letters R and S.  Important dates to remember for March:

Important dates:

  • March 15/16 – green day – wear green today
  • March 20 – no school, Parent Teacher conferences
  • March 21/22 – Chapel 11:00, all are welcome
  • March 26-30 – NO SCHOOL, Spring Break

As the weather continues to change, please make sure your child has appropriate outwear.  We will try to go outside every day.  I look forward to a fun month!  And as always, if you have any questions or concerns please feel free to come see me.

Ms. Susan and Ms. Melissa


Sea Turtles and Seahorses (Three’s) – March 2018

Welcome to March: “in like a lion, out like a lamb!”  We will continue to try to go outside every day unless the temperature, or wind chill drops below 20 degrees, or it’s raining.

As we enter into the 7th month of the school year we must say we have seen such growth in the children. They are forming friendships and playing together; most have mastered putting their coats on by themselves, they have mastered, or are getting close to mastering, holding pencils, markers, and scissors the correct way.  They are sitting quietly (mostly!) at our morning circle time and they are using the bathroom independently.  These are a lot of important skills for 3 and 4 year olds to master!

Our themes for the month are “We Love to Read,” “The Solar System,” “St. Patrick’s Day,” and, towards the end of the month, Easter (April 1st)!  To celebrate our love of reading, March is a time we welcome parents, grandparents, or older siblings to come into our class and read a story to us.  You can bring your own book or read one of ours.  We will post sign-up sheets for the Sea Turtles and the Sea Horses.  There will be 2 times to pick from, 8:45 a.m. or 11:15 a.m.  The children love to have a special someone come into the class to read to them.  Look for the sign-up sheets!

Here are some dates to remember:

  • March 1/2        Pajama Day*
  • March 6/7        Letter P
  • March 13/14   Letter Q
  • March 20          No School – Parent/Teacher Conferences
  • March 21/22   Letter R  (Note this is different than our usual Tues./Wed. alphabet days to accommodate our Parent Teacher Conferences)
  • March 21/22     Chapel
  • March 26 – 30   No School, Spring Break

 *On Pajama Day, your child can come to school wearing their pajamas.  If they are not comfortable wearing their pajamas to school that’s fine.  They can bring slippers, their favorite blanket or stuffed animal with them too.

Beginning March 5 we will have parent/teacher conference sign-up sheets on the bulletin board in the hallway.

We are looking forward to a busy and fun month.  As always, please talk to us if you have any questions or concerns.

Miss Gini and Miss Jen



Monkey Class (Y4) – March 2018

Welcome March!  This month we will be looking forward to the signs of spring.  We also will be learning about the solar system including planets, the moon, the sun and rockets.  We will also have Pajama Day on March 1st.  This is a favorite for the children.  Your child can come to school in their pajamas.  They can also bring a blanket or favorite stuffed animal.  We also will have fun with St. Patrick’s Day.

Tuesday, March 20, will be Parent/Teacher conferences.  I am looking forward to sharing your child’s accomplishments with you.  I am very proud of their progress and their hard work this year.  We have had so much fun learning, playing, and socializing together!  There will be a sign-up sheet for conferences in early March.  Spring Break will be March 26-30 with school resuming on Monday, April 2.

Our letters this month are P, Q and R.

Important Dates:

  • Thurs, March 1 – Pajama Day
  • March 5 – Letter P Week
  • March 12 – Letter Q Week
  • March 19 – Letter R week
  • Tues, March 20 – Parent/Teacher conferences, no school
  • March 22 – Chapel 11:00
  • March 26-30……No school, Spring Break
  • Mon, April 2 – school resumes

Ms. Kathy

Birds and Butterflies Class – March 2018

Welcome to March!   This month some of our themes will be the Solar System, St. Patrick’s Day, and getting ready for Easter. There will be no school on Tuesday, March 20.  Parent/Teacher conferences will be held this day.  There will be a conference sign-up for all classes on the big bulletin board in the main hallway.  Be sure to sign up for a Bird/Butterfly time. We are in the red area. If you are unable to attend during this time, please let Miss Jayne know and we can arrange for a different time or a phone conference.

On March 1/2 we will be having an all-school Pajama Day.  Children are asked to wear their pajamas to school and to bring a special bedtime buddy.  If your child feels uncomfortable wearing pajamas, sweat pants might be an option.

Please label all coats, boots, snow pants, etc.  It helps tremendously in making sure the right clothes get home, especially when the children are in different classrooms during the afternoon.

We will be celebrating books for the next two months (March and April) by having you come in and read to us.  There will be a calendar posted on our bulletin board for you to sign up.  The beginning of class works best.

Spring Break will be March 26-March 30, with classes resuming on April 2. Your children have changed so much since the beginning of the year.  It is so exciting and rewarding to see them grow and learn!

Important Dates:

  • March 1/2  All school pajama day – Wear your pajamas to school
  • March 5/6 “Q” Day, Bring in a picture that starts with “Q”
  • March 12/13 “R” Day, Wear red
  • March 15/16 – Wear green for St. Patrick’s Day
  • March 20 – Parent/Teacher Conferences. No school
  • March 21– Chapel 11:00
  • March 22/23 – “S” Day, Bring in a picture that starts with “S”
  • March 26-March 30- Spring Break, School resumes on April 2

Miss Jayne, Miss Lisa, Miss Denise, and Miss Kathy B.


Lions Class – March 2018

Dear Friends,

now so we can play in it. ☺ Now, we are looking forward to an exciting and fun filled month of March and want to find out if the saying March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb rings true this year.

During February, we had several special celebrations.  Thank you to Mrs. Chung, Mrs. Anderson, Mrs. Lee and Mrs. Thomas for organizing our Valentine parties, which were a lot of fun.  Also, our much anticipated 100th day party had finally arrived.  It was great to see such a variety of 100 items counted out at home.  And our number line continues…

One of our focuses during the month of March is “We Love to Read,” and the best part is that you get to help!  We are inviting parents or any other family member to come in for a few minutes at the end of class (11:15 am) and read a book or tell a story of your choice to the class.  A sign-up sheet is posted on our Lion bulletin board.

Another highlight will be our all school Pajama Day on Thursday, March 1.  On this exciting day everyone is encouraged to come dressed in their pajamas, wear slippers and bring a small blanket and a cuddly stuffed animal to school.

A mini unit on our Solar System will also be addressed this month.  We will learn some very basic information about our earth, the moon, stars and the rest of our planets.  A highlight will be a group project where everyone will help to create our Milky Way galaxy.  Another theme will be St. Patrick’s Day on March 15 where everything will turn green and we will learn about how St. Patrick taught the people about the Trinity.  Then, right before Spring Break, we will talk about the true meaning of Easter – Jesus’ crucifixion and consequent resurrection.

Parent/Teacher conferences are scheduled on Tuesday, March 20.  No regular class will be held on that day.  If you are unable to attend during the allocated times, please let us know.

Please start saving your egg shell halves (well rinsed and dried out, please) for an upcoming project.  We need a lot of them and extras are always appreciated.  It’s best to bring them to school in an egg carton.

Important Dates:

  •  Thursday, March 1 – Pajama Day (wear pajamas to school)
  • Tuesday, March 20 – NO SCHOOL (Parent/Teacher Conferences)
  • Thursday, March 22 – Chapel at 11:00 am
  • Monday, March 26 – Friday, March 30 – SPRING BREAK
  • Monday, April 2 – School resumes after Spring Break

Miss Charlotte and Miss Devina

We wish everyone a fun filled Spring Vacation and Happy Easter!

Preschool Tidbit

  • No School March 26-30 – Spring Break
  • Easter Worship/Brunch/Egg Hunt – April 1
  • Fall Preschool – Register now for Fall 2018
  • Summer Kids Kamp registration open
  • 25th Anniversary Celebration – Sat., May 5 from 6 to 10p at DoubleTree, Mundelein! Dinner & Silent Auction!

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