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Tots – September 2018

Dear Friends,

Welcome to the Christ Lutheran Tot program! We are going to have a terrific year together as your child learns and grows.  We look forward to getting to know all of you and for being a first step in your child’s education.

During September we will focus on the color yellow, circles, the number 1, and the letter A.  Plenty of time will be spent on feeling comfortable in our classroom. 

The following supplies are requested: box of Kleenex, paper towel roll, hand sanitizing wipes, Clorox/Lysol wipes

Please note the following dates on your calendar:

  • September 3 – No School
  • September 5 – Bring a family photo, baby photo, and a current photo to class (please write your name on the back of each)
  • September 10 – Wear red, white, and blue
  • September 24 – Bring an apple
  • September 25/26 – Chapel time at 11:00 – all are welcome to join us!

Please remember to bring a simple snack on your snack date for each student in the class. We are a nut free school.

Parents are invited to share Chapel Time with us each month.  All September birthdays will be recognized during chapel this month.

Looking forward to a great year!

Miss Tracey, Miss Uma, and Miss Lisa


Starfish & Angelfish (Young Three’s) – September 2018

Welcome to the 2018 Young 3’s class!  This year will be full of fun and learning!  There are a few things that I would like to go over for our first month of school. Please try and bring your school bag every day that you come. This is our lifeline!  Everything you need to know will be in there; everything your child has done will be in there and everything you send to school should be in there. I would like you to keep a change of clothes in there for your child. You never know what might happen at school!  Accidents happen to everyone including me; I won’t judge them so please don’t judge me!!  Also, if you could send your child with a box of tissues, some wet ones (or similar) and Clorox wipes. These items help us with the start of school (tissues for tears) and into the fall (tissues for the runny noses!)  To help keep the noses clear, please remember that we will try and go outside every day.  Make sure that your child is dressed weather appropriate. 

Each month you will receive a calendar that has our daily activities. They will include our themes for the month and the projects that we will do to reinforce them. For the month of September, our themes will be the color red, the circle, getting to know you and apples.  And finally, every week we will have a letter that we will learn about and practice writing.  On our letter days, I will ask you to please help your child pick out one appropriate item (no weapons please) that starts with the letter of the week. We will share them at circle time. 

For the month of September there are a few important days to remember:

  • September 3 – No school – Labor Day
  • September 4/5 – Return “All About Me” Books 
  • September 13/14 – Godly Play with Ms Kathy
  • September 17/18 – Please wear red today
  • September 24/25 – Letter A Day – bring an A item!
  • September 25/26 – Chapel at 11:00 – all are welcome!
  • September 25/26 – Apple science – bring an apple!

Finally, I want to let you know that your child will have an adjustment period and you should all expect it!  It may be brief; it may be long; it may be right away or it may be October!  All of this is normal!  Myself and Ms. Melissa will do our best to make sure your child knows that they are safe and loved and that you will always come back!  If you could share those words regularly with them then soon enough they will believe it and get on with the business of having fun and learning too!  If at any point during the school year you should have any questions or concerns, please feel free to talk with me.  I am available before and after class as well as by phone or email.  There is always time to talk!  I look forward to a wonderful year with your children and cannot wait to get started!

Ms. Susan and Ms. Melissa 


Sea Turtles and Seahorses (Three’s) – September 2018

Welcome to the Christ Lutheran Preschool family!  We hope you enjoyed our Open House and picnic that started off our new school year. We are looking forward to getting to know each child.  At Open House the children received their own school bag.  Bring this bag to school every day.  Please put your child’s name on it and, we encourage you to decorate it with your child.  As we work on name recognition it helps the children recognize their own bag.   

When the school day begins we encourage you to let your child walk into the classroom with you and hang up their own school bag.  Jackets will be hung up on a hook in the hallway. They can then explore the room and choose an activity until we meet for “circle time.”  “Circle time” is when we talk about the day ahead, including the theme of the week and the activities they can choose from.  We will get to know our classmates names, recite the Pledge of Allegiance, talk about the day of the week, the month of the year and the weather.  Circle time is also when we read stories, sing a song or do a fun finger play.  

After circle time, the children will have access to “centers,” related to our weekly themes, which explore certain concepts and skills related to math, science and literacy. They will practice their fine motor skills and develop their creativity as they use various mediums, such as scissors, glue, markers and paints.  They also will have a chance to work on their always-important social skills during free time play with their friends. 

Snack time is our nutritional break and a time to socialize with our new friends (if your child has allergies please let the teacher know immediately).  To serve as a reminder, you will receive the snack basket the day before it is your snack day.  When it is your snack day, please try to follow our healthy snack categories.  If we will be celebrating your child’s birthday on their snack day we make an exception and you can bring in a special snack.  If the special snack is going to be a sweet treat we ask that you bring cookies instead of cupcakes.  We serve water with the snack so you do not need to supply drinks.  Please bring spoons or forks if they are needed. We will say our prayer before eating and the children will be encouraged to use good manners and to clean up their snack area when they are done. 

We try to go outside to play each day as long as the weather cooperates.  Please make sure your child is comfortable and is wearing the appropriate clothing and shoes. Please bring a change of clothes for your child in a large zip lock bag with their name on it.  We will keep it in their cubby in the event they need to change.

Every month we have themes that will lead our learning adventures.  September’s themes are, “All About Me,” “Families and Friends,” “School Days,” and “Apples.” Please look at each project your child brings home.  They are excited to show you what they’ve made! 

Each week we will focus on a letter of the alphabet.  Refer to the class calendar so you know when we have alphabet days.  On alphabet day your child can bring one item from home that begins with the letter of the week.  It can be a toy, a book or other household item.  Please write your child’s name on the item so we make sure they get returned to the correct child.  When they arrive they can put their item in the “Alphabet Box” on the teacher’s chair.  At circle time they will get a chance to share their item with the class.  The children love this “show and tell” time!  

*See separate note about the alphabet book your child will be making in class.

Occasionally, we will send home a “family project” for the child to complete with a parent and/or a sibling.  These will be easy, fun projects pertaining to a season or a holiday.  Before your child returns it, make sure their name is on the back.  When your child returns it, they will share it with the class during circle time.  We will then display it on the bulletin board in the hallway for all to see and appreciate.  

Our “Daily Doings” will be emailed to you at the end of the day.  The “doings” explain what we did that day and contains important notes and/or reminders.  In addition, please check out our “Reminder Board,” located on the left wall, just inside our classroom.  Our Reminder Board will provide information about our classroom, the preschool and/or the church.  In addition, we will be posting photographs of the children’s learning in action! 

We have sign-up sheets on the bulletin board outside our classroom for classroom party volunteers and substitute volunteers, for the occasional days when one of the teachers will be out.  The Monday, Wednesday, Friday class are the “Sea Turtles” and the Tuesday, Thursday class are the “Sea Horses.

Each month our school has “Chapel time.” All classes meet in the sanctuary at 11:00.  Pastor Amy Becker-Perez shares a Bible story with us and we worship God with songs.  All families are invited to join us for our monthly Chapel time.  Refer to the class calendar for Chapel time dates. Your child may sit with you until the end when we bring all the children back to the classroom for dismissal.

We are asking each of our classes to bring:

  • Sea Turtles (M/W/F) – paper towels, large box of tissues for little noses, and a large package of disinfectant wipes.
  • Sea Horses (T/Th.) – paper towels, large box of tissues for little noses and a large package of Anti-Bacterial Hand Wipes.

We use these items throughout the year and may have to replenish them, as we get further into the school year.

Now that you are totally overwhelmed with all this information, take a deep breath and relax.  We realize many of you are new to this and we are here to answer any questions you have.  We have class e-mail if you have specific questions regarding our class.  Our class e-mail is:

We are looking forward to a wonderful year together!

The Main Three’s Teachers,
Miss Gini and Miss Jen


  • Check in the classroom for the “At A Glance” page and the “Classroom Rules” page.
  • Be sure to “Like” Christ Lutheran Preschool on Facebook.  There will be lots of pictures posted there throughout the year.


Monkey Class (Y4) – September 2018

Welcome to the Monkey class!

Your child will bring a snack schedule home every month.  Only the snack is required.  The school will provide the napkins, cups, and water.  Please remember that we are a nut free facility.  All snacks should be tree nut and peanut free.

The sharing bag will be in the snack basket when your child is the snack person.  Please help your child pick out ONE item to bring in the bag to share with the class.

Please feel free to stop in if you have any questions about the start of the school year.  I am looking forward to getting to know your child and helping him/her get acclimated to our class.

Calendar reminders:

  • Sept 17 – B Week, wear blue
  • Sept 24 – C Week 
  • Sept 25 – Chapel, 11:00 am, all are welcome to join us

Ms. Kathy

Birds and Butterflies Class – September 2018

Dear Friends,  

Welcome to the Bird (MWF) and the Butterfly (TWTH) classes!  We are all very excited about getting to know your child.  We can’t wait to start learning and having fun!

Here is a little information about our class.  This year we, as teachers, will be guiding your child’s learning through exploration, discovery, art, and play.  Our activities will cover the areas of math, science, language arts, music, and art.  We will set the stage for learning by offering many experiences that stimulate the children’s senses and curiosity.  Children learn by doing and play is their work.  Remember, it’s the process not the product that counts!  Also, during Godly Play, Miss Kathy will be interacting with the children, talking with them about the importance of Jesus in their lives.  We will be having Chapel at the end of the month at 11:00 on Wednesday. Please join us if you can!

When the children first arrive, they will hang their coats and book bags on their assigned hooks.  Next, when they enter the classroom, they can find their name on the purple rug and add it to our attendance chart.  The children may then choose an activity until circle time.

On Wednesdays, the Bird class (MWF) will be meeting down the hall in the church narthex, not in the classroom.  We will be hanging our coats and book bags on the hooks in the bathrooms there.  There will be plenty of manipulatives, puzzles, cars, coloring, etc. in this mobile classroom.  We see this as a great time for games and music that our other classroom might not allow.  Starting in January, the Butterfly class (TWTH,) will be meeting there and the Bird class will return to the classroom.  On these Wednesdays, Miss Jayne will stay with the Bird class and Miss Kathy Belzer will be teaching with Miss Denise in the Butterfly class.

Each day we will be emailing you a “Daily Doings” sheet explaining all that went on in our class that day. Please be sure that you are receiving these email.  We will use this “Daily Doings” sheet as a way to remind you of special activities, projects, or things you might need to bring in to the classroom.  Please use this sheet as a way to encourage conversation with your child about their busy day.  Be sure we have your email address!

Each month a newsletter, with a calendar on the back, will be sent home.  The newsletter is also posted on the website.  The newsletter will let you know what we will be learning and will include information regarding special classroom projects or upcoming events.  Please check your calendar daily for things your child may be asked to bring to school on that day.

We have assigned your child snack days, paying attention to birthdays.  Each day has a specific healthy snack category attached to it.  Please follow this category when choosing a snack.  The first snack calendar will be coming home next week. On your assigned day, you are only responsible for bringing the snack. We are always happy to take donations of napkins, spoons, or little plates throughout the year.  Remember, we are a nut free environment.  Be sure to tell us if your child has any allergies we need to be aware of.  Please check the class list for the class size.  A snack basket will be sent home the day before your child’s snack day.  Also, in the snack basket will be a “Sharing Bag” for your child to use to bring in something special to share with the class.  Toys are OK, but some other suggestions are a photo, a nature object, a drawing your child had made, or any books or objects relating to the current theme.

We love birthdays at preschool!  You are welcome to bring birthday treats on your child’s snack day.  Individual servings are preferred, no cakes. Mini cupcakes work well or popsicles or Rice Krispie treats.. Let us know when your child is celebrating a birthday.   Summer birthdays can be celebrated on 1/2 birthdays.  Just let us know which snack day you will be celebrating on!

Please check the class list to make sure names and phone numbers are correct.  Let us know of any changes.

We are asking each student to bring in the following supplies for our class: Paper Towels, Kleenex, Hand Wipes, and Anti-Bacterial Hand Wipes.

Christ Lutheran Preschool has provided each child with a school bag to carry projects and notes home on a daily basis.  Please use the bag instead of purchasing a backpack.  Feel free to have your child decorate their bag, as this will help them identify it easier.  

We welcome any comments or suggestions you might have concerning your child’s education here at Christ Lutheran Preschool.  We all want the best experience possible for your child!

Please print your child’s name on all coats, boots, etc. throughout the year.

We are looking forward to a wonderful year together!!

Miss Jayne, Miss Denise, Miss Lisa, and Miss Kathy B.

Be sure to “Like” Christ Lutheran Preschool on Facebook. There will be lots of pictures posted throughout the year.  


Lions Class – September 2018

Dear Friends,

Welcome to the Lion Pre-K class at Christ Lutheran Preschool!  We are all delighted to return to school and look forward to guiding your children through a fun-filled year.  September is such an exciting month!  It’s a month of change and new beginnings- new surroundings, new friends, new experiences, new skills and new challenges.  We are glad to have your child in our class and are eager to start the school year together.

During the first month, we will spend time getting to know each other and learning how to play together harmoniously.  We have planned lots of activities to help everyone feel comfortable in their new surroundings.  Our curriculum is organized according to monthly themes and there will be many opportunities for exploration and self-expression.  The class will be taught by Charlotte Lehmann (Miss Charlotte) and Devina Dixit (Miss Devina).  We enjoy teaching young children very much and look forward to a great year!

The preschool years have a special role to play in growth and development.  Many of the patterns for learning and growth, and for later social success, are laid down in the preschool years.  However, the big difference between a preschool program and later school curricula lies in the way young children learn.  We firmly believe that young children learn not so much through being taught as by playing and experimenting with actual objects and by having concrete experiences.  For example, a child learns the concept of round not by having someone tell him/her what is or what it looks like but by holding and touching, playing and comparing, drawing and cutting round shapes.  Research shows that young children learn best through experimentation.  Spoken language follows thought and activity rather than being separate from it.  This process of encouraging learning that is appropriate to the child’s age and stage of development is called “developmentally appropriate practice” by the National Association for Education of Young Children or NAEYC.  This is also our approach to early education as we will make available a rich variety of materials, as well as encourage hands-on activities that give your children the opportunity to explore the world around them in many ways.

Young children create spontaneously while trying out new ideas and tools.  The forms they make have meaning to them and are often unrecognizable to adults.  As a result, it is the process that the child goes through while creating and not the finished product that’s so valuable.  The finished product often reveals little of the variety and richness of the experience that the child has gained in the process.

Every day, we will inform you about what’s going on at preschool by a “Daily Doings” e-mail.  This will help your children remember what they did on any given day, encourage conversation between you and your child and inform you about important events that are coming up or what to bring to school.  A monthly calendar and newsletter will be posted and sent home, to let you know what we are working on.  Projects will focus on our monthly themes and will include upcoming holidays.  Beginning in a few weeks, we will start with our alphabet recognition, focusing on a new letter every week.  We also have a number line in our classroom where we count each day that we are in school.  

The Preschool has provided each child with a school bag to carry important notes and projects home on a daily basis.  Please use this school bag instead of purchasing a back pack.  We are excited to be able to use these special school bags as part of our program!  Feel free to help your child decorate the outside of his/her bag.  Also, please encourage your child to leave personal items at home or in the car.  These items are easily lost or broken at school.  

On your snack day, please bring the assigned food category for 22 people.  On Fridays, the snack count is 14.  A snack calendar will be handed out on Tuesday after Labor Day.  On your scheduled day, please bring only one snack and any other items needed to serve your snacks such as spoons, forks or plates.  Water will be provided.  Remember, we are a nut conscious environment.  A snack basket will be sent home with your child along with a list of acceptable food choices.  On birthdays, small individual servings are highly recommended and very helpful.  We also have a list of ideas for birthday treats.  If your child has a summer birthday and would like to celebrate a ½ birthday with us at school, please let us know on what day, by referring to your snack calendar.  

Show and Tell will begin in October.  We will send special purple bags home with your child on those days.  Show and Tell days will not be the same as your snack days.

An important note about our pick up routine:   When picking up your child, please step all the way into the classroom.  Once we have seen and acknowledged you, we will safely dismiss your child from the circle area.  

If you ever have a question or concern, please feel free to call us at school at 847-367-5791, write a note or talk to us when bringing or picking up your child.  We value your input, as it is our goal to work together in creating a fun and rewarding learning experience for each and every child. 


Charlotte Lehmann & Devina Dixit


  • NO SCHOOL on Monday, Sept. 3 (Labor Day)
  • Our first Chapel time is Tuesday, Sept. 25 (everyone is invited)

Please send the following to school during the first week: 

  • 1 roll of paper towels
  • 1 box of Kleenex tissues
  • 1 container of disinfecting cleaning wipes (such as Clorax)
  • 1 container of antibacterial hand wipes (such as Wet Ones)

Please write your child’s name on all outerwear. 

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Preschool Tidbit

  • Still room in some Fall Classes –  registration
  • Chapel – Sept. 25 or 26 at 11 a.m. Please join your student!
  • No School for Columbus Day – Mon., Oct. 8
  • No School for Election Day – Tues., Nov. 6
  • No School for Thanksgiving Break – Nov. 21-23

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