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Tots – January 2019

Welcome back and Happy New Year! We will jump into January celebrating diversity, staying healthy, and sharing some winter fun. We will continue practicing being good friends. We will be introducing the Pledge of Allegiance during circle time each morning. 

Also, please remember to leave snow clothes for the children labeled with names. If it is above freezing and sunny we will try to include some outdoor fun.

Special Dates:

  • January 7 – School resumes
  • January 21 – NO SCHOOL
  • January 29/30 – Chapel Time @11:00

It is exciting to be back in our classroom after the holiday break!

Miss Tracey, Miss Uma, & Miss Lisa


Starfish & Angelfish (Young Three’s) – January 2019

Welcome back! I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas break!  We will start back to school with gusto!  Our month will include continuing through the alphabet with letters K, L, M and N.  Our color of the month is white and our shape is the square.  We will also  nbe talking about the number 5.  Our themes for the month include Epiphany, diversity and all things winter.  Some important dates to remember for the month:

  • Jan 7/8 Godly Play with Ms. Kathy
  • Jan 14/15 letter L – please bring an L item
  • Jan 16/17 Wear Your Favorite Color
  • Jan 21 No school – Martin Luther King Jr. Day
  • Jan 22/23 letter M – please bring a M item
  • Jan 24/25 Wear white today
  • Jan 28/29 letter N – please bring a N item
  • Jan 29/30  Chapel 11:00, all are welcome
  • Jan 31 Yoga – wear comfy clothes

We have a few special activities this month.  We will have a special day to mark all our diversity by wearing our favorite color. We will all get to relax and learn a little about Yoga.  As always, we will try and get outside as much as possible so please make sure that your child has appropriate clothing for outdoor play.  Please have available: boots, snow pants, mittens and a hat.  If there is snow on the ground, please have an extra pair of shoes available, slippers or tennis shoes are a good option.  If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out at any time.  I look forward to a fun month.

Ms. Susan and Ms. Ramya 


Sea Turtles and Seahorses (Three’s) – January 2019

We hope you had a wonderful, peaceful Christmas with those you love.   It’s hard to believe we are half way through the school year!  We have seen such growth in your children. They are learning to sit quietly at circle time as well as learning the proper way to use scissors, glue and markers.  Most of them can put on their own coats and a few can even zip them by themselves.  We continue to practice the correct pencil grip.  We continue to work on name recognition and writing the letters in their name. 

Our themes this month are “Winter Wonderland,” Polar Animals,” and “We Teach Peace.”  We will focus on the letters “I,” ”J,” “K,” and “L,” as well as the numbers 4 and 5.  The color of the month is white and the shape is the rectangle.  Here are some important dates to remember:

Some dates to remember:

  • January 7 School resumes
  • January 8/9 Letter I
  • January 10/11 Godly Play with Miss Kathy
  • January 10/11 Wear white
  • January 15/16 Letter J
  • January 17/18 Wear your favorite color
  • January 21 No School – Martin Luther King Day
  • January 22/23 Letter K
  • January 29/30 Letter L
  • January 29/30 Chapel 11:00, all are welcome
  • January 31/Feb. 1 Yoga (dress in comfortable clothing)

* An important note about outdoor play*

We will continue to go outside to play even it is cold.  We won’t go outside if the temperature or wind chills dip below 20 degrees.  Please remember to send your child to school with snow pants, waterproof snow boots, mittens (not gloves please), a hat and a warm coat.  Please keep these items in a separate bag so we have room for projects and other important papers in their school bags.  Also, please have shoes or slippers for your child to wear in the classroom so our floors don’t get wet and slippery. *Please continue to have your child practice putting their coat on by themselves. This will provide us with more time to play outside and will help to avoid the frustration of having to wait for the teacher to help them. Learning to do this can be difficult but it is an important life skill.

At this halfway point in the school year we could use more paper towels, tissues for noses, hand-wipes and cleaning wipes.  If you could contribute 1 or 2 of these items it would be greatly appreciated!

As always, please see us if you have any questions or concerns.  Happy New Year!

Miss Gini and Miss Jen



Monkey Class (Y4) – January 2019

Happy New Year!  This month we will be having fun learning about the season of winter and polar animals. We will discuss the different polar animals and their habitats.  We also will be having hands-on fun with things that are cold such as, ice and snow.  In honor of Martin Luther King Jr., we will be talking about friendship and will brainstorm ways to be a kind friend.

We will have an opportunity to practice yoga this month, too!  Our letters this month are J, K, and L  

Important Dates:

  • January 7-   Letter J Week
  • January 14-   Letter K Week
  • In House Registration for 2019-2020 school year
  • January 17 – Wear Your Favorite Color Day
  • January 21-   NO SCHOOL  Martin Luther King Jr. Day
  • January 28-    Letter L Week
  • January 29-  Chapel 11:00
  • January 31-  Yoga Fun


*We will continue to go outside as long it is not too cold (20 degrees or warmer).  Please remember to send your child with appropriate outside clothing.  Also, help your child to be self-sufficient with getting dressed in outerwear. Mittens are usually easier than gloves.  If wearing boots to school, please bring extra shoes to change into before entering the classroom.

*If you are interested in helping with the Valentine’s Day Party on Thursday, February 14, please let me know. I have one volunteer so far but would appreciate a couple more.

*Thursday, January 31 we will be doing yoga. Remember to dress your child in comfortable clothing!

*We continue to write our names daily at school.  When helping your child at home please make sure they are holding the pencil correctly and using an upper case for the first letter only, followed by lower case letters.

Ms. Kathy

Birds and Butterflies Class – January 2019

We hope that everyone has had a great holiday season and that 2019 brings you good health and much happiness!

   December was such a fun month!  Our classroom was a very busy place.  We also had a wonderful time at our Christmas Program and at our parties.  We were very proud of the children’s performance and it was so nice to see all of you there! 

     In January, we will be talking about the New Year and about some of the things we might like to try.  We will be discussing the many changes taking place in our environment during the winter and how different animals survive the cold.  We will be conducting experiments involving ice, snow, hot and cold.  

     We will be continuing our “Alphabet Days.”  We have selected various activities relating to the corresponding letter with an emphasis on letter recognition and tying each letter to objects, food, and activities that the children can easily recognize.  By making this association with familiar objects, the children have a stronger chance of making a connection between letters and words.  Please continue to read to your eager learners.  Reinforce what they have learned by pointing out words that have the beginning sounds of the letters we have discussed in class.

    There are always worksheets and activities available for the children to practice their fine motor skills, such as cutting and printing, and they love putting all those little stickers on.  Be sure to look for these in their schoolbags and praise their hard work.

     Snack lists for the next couple of months have been sent home.  If you would like to celebrate a half birthday, just pick one of your child’s snack days and let us know that we will be celebrating.  We don’t want to forget those Summer birthdays.  Half birthdays will also be celebrated during Chapel.

     We will be going outside, weather permitting.  Please send your child with a warm coat, hat, mittens, and boots.  Also, send a pair of shoes/slippers to wear in the classroom if boots are worn to school.

IMPORTANT DATES TO REMEMBER                                                           

  • Jan 7/8– First day back
  • Jan 10/11 “I” Day – Initials – Bring in the first letter of your first name and the first letter          of your last name on a piece of paper. 
  • Jan 14/15 “J” Day – Bring in a picture that starts with “J”.  
  • Jan 17/18 Wear your favorite color to school
  • Jan 21  No School  (MLK Birthday) 
  • Jan 24/25 “K” Day – Bring in a picture that starts with “K” 
  • Jan 28/29 “L” Day – Bring in a picture that starts with “L”  
  • Jan 30– Chapel at 11:00, please join us!
  • Jan 31 Yoga  Wear comfortable clothes. 

Keep saving those toilet paper tubes.  Due to limited space at school, please save your tubes at home until needed in February.

Miss Jayne, Miss Lisa, Miss Denise, and Miss Kathy B.


Lions Class – January 2019

  We hope everyone had a relaxing and fun Christmas vacation!  We will begin the New Year with our New Year’s Party, which includes ringing bells, throwing some confetti and, of course, making some noise. ☺

We are glad you came to see our Christmas show.  Your children did a wonderful job performing on stage.  Thank you for sharing our special time together.  Also, thank you to Mrs. Hubbard, Mrs. Hicks and Mrs. Lee for organizing our fun Christmas party.  

Our main theme this month is Winter Wonderland, including Polar Animals.  We will fill our sensory table with real snow, hopefully, and continue to enjoy those winter temperatures.  We will provide the children with some hands-on experiences such as making tracks, packing snowballs, using shovels, examining snowflakes and icicles up close and simply have fun with snow.  Additionally, we will explore the theme of International Children.  We will learn about the importance of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., his dream and how we can live in peace with one another, no matter what we believe, what we look like or what language we speak.

Please send your child to school with their “ready to go outside outfits” (boots, snow pants, jackets, mittens and hats) in a separate bag.  Do not put your child’s winter clothes in their regular school bags, as it leaves no room for their important school papers and projects.  Also, if your child wears boots to school, please send along an extra pair of shoes or slippers to be worn inside the classroom; boots are wet and hard to move around in all day.  Thank you for your help!

The children will learn their phone numbers in January.  Please let us know if there has been a change with your phone number so that your child can learn the correct one.  As before, name, shape, color and letter recognition will continue to be implemented in our daily activities.  It must be remembered, however, that discussions, projects and activities, and not too many worksheets, are the appropriate learning modes for young children.  Everybody will continually be given the opportunities to develop at their own pace, learn through self-directed and guided exploration and develop confidence in themselves as learners.  Children need to be given time to work on concrete ideas and projects at school and at home.

New snack calendars for January and February have been sent home.  Please remember our snack counts:  16 on Monday – Thursday and 10 on Friday.

Important Dates:

  •  Thursday, Jan. 17 – Wear your Favorite Color Day
  • Monday, Jan. 21 – NO SCHOOL (Martin Luther King Jr. Day)
  • Thursday, Jan. 29 – chapel at 11:00 am
  • Thursday, Jan. 31 – Yoga class (wear comfortable clothes)

Miss Charlotte and Miss Devina



Preschool Tidbit

  • No School March 4 – Parent/Teacher Conferences
  • Ash Wed. Worship – March 6 at 7p
  • No School March 25-29 – Spring Break
  • No School April 2 – Election Day/School is a voting site
  • No School April 19 – Good Friday (worship at 7p)
  • Easter Sunday Worship/Brunch – April 21

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