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Feed My Starving Children – Jan 2015

Feed My Starving Children - Jan 2015IMG_0645IMG_0648IMG_0644IMG_0643IMG_0642IMG_0641IMG_0640IMG_0639IMG_0637IMG_0636IMG_0635FMSC Jan 2015image1image2image3image5image7image8image9image10image11image12

Christmas with St. Nick

Christmas with St. NickSt. Nick 1St. Nick 2St. Nick 3St. Nick 4St. Nick 5St. Nick 6St. Nick 7St. Nick 8St. Nick 9St. Nick 10St. Nick 11St. Nick 12St. Nick 13St. Nick 14St. Nick 15St. Nick 31St. Nick 17St. Nick 18St. Nick 19St. Nick 20St. Nick 21St. Nick 22St. Nick 23St. Nick 24St. Nick 25St. Nick 26St. Nick 27St. Nick 28St. Nick 29St. Nick 30

Kids Kamp

Kids KampMusic TimeMiss JayneArts and CraftsLemonade Only 50cDressing Up the SnacksGetting Set for the ShowRiding the Stationary ScooterCooling OffSnack TimeFun in the DrumThe Hokey PokeyStory TimeSlip ‘n SlideCar Wash

Playground Construction

Playground Construction1095098_629757947035336_1192214984_n1098159_629758513701946_27048325_n1017587_629758663701931_250936392_n1012430_629757840368680_448692322_n1146728_629757643702033_885723944_n1098362_629757757035355_614569650_n1098436_629758437035287_30788197_n1146673_629757730368691_2015025651_n