Mission & Vision

109Christ Lutheran Church is an enthusiastic community committed to worshiping, learning, supporting, and acting-out in concrete ways the love of God. We extend to you and to all an invitation to become a vital part of the life and ministry of Christ Lutheran Church.

Our Mission:

Believing in Jesus as Savior,
We gather together to:
Celebrate God,
Love one another,
And grow as disciples –
So we can change the world
Through the gospel of Jesus


Mission Review Project

  • Who are we?
  • What work does God have for us?
  • How do we accomplish God’s work?


Christ Lutheran Church & PreSchool members and friends recently completed a series of Purpose and Plan Meetings lead by Pastor David Daubertassisted by Rev. Kyle Severson, Associate to the Bishop. Thank you to MCSELCA for providing this support.

We are now working on two major tasks 1)What is our Mission (Who are we? Who does God want us to be?) and 2) Structure (How do we accomplish this Mission from a practical and financial standpoint?).

To assist with this task, here are two quick Worksheets designed to gather some information about how each member, friend and stakeholder views the situation. Please take a few minutes to complete and return these worksheets.


Nan Dahlke will lead a Mission Work Group to look through these responses and provide a synopsis for the larger Congregation. Are you interested in helping on the Mission Work Group? Please reach out to Nan (nandahlke@ameritech.net).

Notes from the first two meetings – CLCWorkshopSummaryJuly2021