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With all ministries and opportunities, please do not feel pressured to give time, talent or resources. Rather, we offer these opportunities as ways that we as a community of Christ can use our blessings to help bless others. When it comes to these and other ministries, the most important offering you can give is your prayers. Thank you.


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Prayer Concerns
Our Prayer Chain is ready to pray for you. You may remain anonymous. Simply email to and we will begin praying for you.

Our Journey in Pictures!
Check out the slide show of some of our memories here at Christ Lutheran Church and PreSchool. Thanks, Penni.

What It Means to Be Lutheran
Check this October 2015 essay entitled ‘What is ‘Lutheran’? from Presiding Bishop Elizabeth Eaton. The ELCA website also delves into beliefs and theology on their Faith webpages.

Open Letter to the Muslim American Community
The entire body of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (of which Christ Lutheran is a part) joins in sharing a message of partnership from our Presiding Bishop, The Rev. Elizabeth A. Eaton.



Congregation Meeting – Sunday, April 23

Join us on Sunday, April 23 after worship (at about 10:45 a.m.) for a Congregational Meeting. As background, we meet periodically as a whole congregation – outside of the worship and fellowship setting – to discuss issues related to the mission, direction and operation of our church. Topics for the April 23 meeting are expected to include updates on finances (including a new annual budget), the Constitution and Bylaws, and next steps in the Call Process (Pastor Padraig was called as our Interim Pastor and as such he is tasked with making sure we complete such steps as creating a new Congregational Profile, form a Call Committee, etc.). This meeting is also a time to share your suggestions, concerns, ideas and experiences. For your information and preparation, we provide the following DRAFT documents:


Love Inc. Spaghetti Supper May 21

We’ll enjoy a meal and fellowship – and gather up items needed for clients of Love Inc., who help people transition from homelessness to hope. Think about thinks like can openers, dishes, flatware, towels… Start looking for sales or looking for gently used items you no longer need. More information about our dinner and our collection will be coming shortly. In the meantime, learn more about Love Inc. at

Catechism Class – Join Us!
Confirmation is May 7!

Young people wanting to learn more about their faith are encouraged to sign up for Catechism. Active – experiential – explorative. Big questions encouraged. Food and service activities anticipated. Contact Pastor McGuire ( to sign up. Confirmation celebration planned for those who are ready on Sunday, May 9 at 9:30 a.m. worship.

Class Schedule:

  • Sun., January 29 – 10:45 a.m. to noon – The Meal the Builds Community (Holy Communion)
  • Sat., February 11 – 10 a.m. to noon – Gathered and Made One (Holy Communion)
  • Sun., February 19 – 10:45 a.m. to noon – Forming of Belief/Belief Forms Us (Apostles’ Creed)
  • Sun., March 12 – 10:45 a.m. to noon – Prayer that Informs All Prayer (Lord’s Prayer)
  • Sat., March 25 – 10 a.m. to noon – Entry into the Family of God (Holy Baptism)
  • Sat., April 8 – 10 a.m. to noon – God and Neighbor (10 Commandments)
  • Sun., April 23 – 5 p.m. – What Does This Mean? (Faith for the Days)
  • Sunday, May 7 @ 9:30 worship – Confirmation Celebration for those who are ready


Thank You for the Easter Flowers

Thank you to all who donated lilies and spring flowers to decorate the church for Easter Sunday, and thank you to Altar Guild and many others for their efforts in making the sanctuary beautiful and our brunch delicious.

  • Deb & Tom Barnstable – In memory of Deb’s father Lonnie Dunn; In memory of Tom’s mom Eleanor Lattyak; In honor of our children and grandchildren
  • Donna & Dick Barry – In memory of our parents, Robert & Marianna Merck and Del & Jean Barry
  • Kathy  Charles Bilodeau – The upcoming birth of Kadie Angel Bilodeau Uretz’s baby girl!
  • The Brandl Family – To the glory of God
  • Kathy & Richard Davis – In memory of MariFran Davis and Ben Westre
  • Natalie Hilberg – In memory of Gertrude Elmer Diehl & Alice Cramer Elmer
  • Holly & William Jones Family – In memory of all deceased members of the Jones family
  • Leslie Jones – In memory of E’llyn and Herb Licht
  • Jodi & Rob Jost – In honor of granddaughters Hannah, Sydney, Libby & Kate
  • Arlee & Jeff Lund – In thanks for our families
  • Rev. Padraig McGuire – In memory of Padraig, Dennis & Nancy; In memory of Alvin Stoll and Robert Pfost
  • Allie Menis – In memory of GeeGee and Jeffrey
  • Lois Menis – In memory of Lance Gonzales
  • June & Doug Moore – In memory of Luzene Frampton, in honor of Sandy Lebaugh,
    and in memory of Iva and Harry Grattapaglia
  • Christine Nitz – In thanks and praise
  • Liz & Ken Pawlak – In thanks for our families
  • Mir, Bryan, Morgan & Hunter Pawlak – In thanks for family near and far
  • Tom Pfenning – In loving memory of Maryann Pfenning
  • Penni & Henry Sauer – In memory of Aunt Helen, Aunt Marie & Henry’s mom Helen
  • Fay Vaisvila – In memory of my husband Andy, my parents, and my brothers Harold, George and Marvin
  • Wayne Widing – In memory of Iva May Widing
  • Christie Widing – In memory of Tammy Widing
  • Barbara Williams – In memory of my mom, dad and Allen


Caring Hands Make Blankets, Hats, Prayer Shawls

  • Next Meeting: May 20
  • Consider making items from home!


The Caring Hands gathers here at church to tie blankets, knit hats, crochet prayer shawls and enjoy each other’s fellowship. Activities for all ages and skill levels, including children’s activities (for instance, coloring quilt blocks). Come for as long as your schedule allows. To learn more, or find out how you can help during work day or between meetings, send an email to Please note we are often in need of prayer shawls to those in need of comfort – please let Caring Hands know if you would like a pattern or size parameters. Also, during the cold weather months, the group gathers and makes hats and mittens, which are distributed to the children of the Lake County Courts and Safe Place. Finally, the group is always grateful for any monetary donations to help replenish their supplies. Work days are generally 8:30 a.m. to noon on select Saturday mornings – drop in as your schedule allows. Here is the remaining 2017 Schedule:

  • May 20
  • June 17
  • September 9
  • October 21
  • November 18


COOL Ministries – Help Stock the Food Pantry

  • More than 400 Pounds Delivered in 2016!
  • April: Soap
  • May: Fruit
  • Ongoing: Toiletries and Personal Care Items
  • Always welcomed – Cash! You can give at church or go online and give directly to

headerEach month we collect a different item (or any nonperishable item), which will then be delivered to the COOL food pantry in Waukegan. Donation bins are located under the church mailboxes in the hallway. Please note that pantries cannot receive expired items.

As background, COOL Ministries was founded by a group of Lutheran churches in Waukegan/North Chicago to provide food, clothing, shelter and job training. During 2016, our congregation donated more than 400 pounds of food to the pantry – enough to feed a family of four for 11 months. COOL makes a huge impact on hunger here at home. For more information about COOL ministries, please contact volunteer Rob Jost, who has been working to help stock the pantry shelves for years ( or 815-341-0127).


In Honor of Mother’s Day:
We Gather Care Items

In honor of Mother’s Day, we collected items needed by new mothers to care for their children – diapers, wipes, shampoo, onsies, blankets… Anything helps as the moms we serve through local agencies often have nothing. Thank you to all who were moved to support this effort. If you gather additional items, bring them in and we will make sure they get delivered and put to good use. Thank you.

Manna Shopping Cards –
Painlessly Support Ministries as You Shop!

  • Many Vendors are Now Online
  • Regular Gift Cards or Order/Pay/Print from Home!
  • Great for gift giving – and regular shopping!
  • Christ Lutheran earns a percentage of your purchase price to support our ministries
  • Paper orders sent in twice each month

Are you looking for an easy, painless way to help give a little more to our ministries? Consider the Manna Group Scrip Giftcard Program. This local program supports nonprofit organizations like us by giving a portion of every sale back. You pay for and receive the exact amount you purchase (i.e., you will pay $25 for a gift card to use when you shop at  Jewel and you will receive the full $25 in purchasing power). The beauty is that Manna then rebates anywhere from 2 to 12 percent of your purchase back to Christ Lutheran for use in our ministries and programs. So many retailers participate. Use them not just for gift giving, but also for your regular purchases. You’ll see cards from everything from high-end restaurants and department stores to our every day shopping needs from Wal-Mart, Speedway, Hair Cuttery, Starbucks and more.

You may order in a variety of ways…

  • Order with a paper order form and a check (turn them in at church or school) and receive physical gift cards. Orders go in about twice a month and cards are received within the week. The February 2017 form is available here: MannaFormFeb2017
  • Order online and opt to receive physical gift cards – You’ll need to set up an account linked to a bank account. Once you are set up, the process is extremely quick. You will need our organization code (2384) as well as a family log-in code (provided by Penni –
  • Order online and download instant certificates – which you can print out on your home computer or, in many cases, display on your smart phone. As above, you’ll need to set up an account.

Download the Manna Hot Card List (MannaFormFeb2017) for the cards our group has been ordering the most – and check the Manna website for a more complete (and huge) list of vendors. For assistance and to learn more, please read the information letter (MannaIntroLetterFeb2017) or contact Penni Sauer at Thank you for your support – the dollars you spend help support our ministries here at Christ Lutheran Church and PreSchool! Upcoming order due dates – April 9, April 23, May 5 and May 19.

Sunday Flower Sponsorship

Would you be interested in sponsoring Altar Flowers on a Sunday? Donation is $15 per Sunday, and you may take the flowers home after worship. The sign up chart is on the bulletin board near the church office – include your name as well as any dedication you would like noted. Money can go into the collection plate on/near your Sunday – please make a note it is for altar flowers. Thank you!


Project Warmth…
Winter Deliveries to Chicago Streets

  • We will put Project Warmth on hold until next fall when the weather turns cold again…
  • Please keep gathering blankets, sleeping bags, etc.
  • Other items to gather/deliver – warm socks, hats, gloves, underwear, feminine products, smaller sizes of shampoo, toothpaste, deodorant, hand lotion, toothbrush, comb, chapstick, granola bars… (No mouthwash, razors or pillows, please.)

Our group may be little, but we have huge hearts and helping hands. Especially during the cold winter months, worry about about our homeless brothers and sisters. Several members came up with the idea of collecting blankets, sleeping bags and comforters to deliver directly to those on the Chicago streets. We have made a few trips downtown in past winters, and we expect to continue this ministry when it turns cold again. Please continue to look through linen cabinets and thrift stores for blankets and sleeping bags. Remember, items do not have to be in great shape. The Menis Family cleans and mends, and many of the blankets are used as a base layer between our brothers and sisters (and their children) and the cold, hard ground. We will also collect and deliver other items as well – socks, hats, and personal care items such as toothpaste, chapstick and lotion. Stay tuned – and don’t throw out that worn blanket – we will give it new life! Thank you to Lois Menis and her family for envisioning this important ministry, and then doing the work to make it happen. Please keep those to whom we minister, as well as those who minister on our behalf, in your prayers. God’s work – our hands. Amen.

Collecting and Making Children’s Hats, Mittens, Etc.

  • Wintertime warmth and care for our local children
  • More than 300 sets delivered so far this winter
  • Collection ongoing through the cold weather months

Working with our Caring Hands friends, we continue to provide hats, mittens, scarves and gloves to the children who visit Lake County Courts, as well as those served by A Safe Place and Lake County Haven shelters as well as Hawthorn schools. So far this winter, we have distributed nearly 300 sets – and the need will continue all winter long. Drop off your donations into the bin under the church mailboxes. Handmade, purchased, fancy, plain – the most important thing is warmth. If you have items for adults, we can distribute those as well through our Project Warmth, serving those who live on the streets of Chicago. Thank you.

Giving Envelopes Available

Boxes of charitable giving envelopes are available on the table near the church office. Apologies if you don’t see your name and would like a box. Just let an usher or somebody know and we will fix you up. Envelopes are not required for giving (smile!), but they do help both you and the Counting Usher keep track of your giving for the year. Thank you all for all you give!


Thanks for Vernon Township Adopt-a-Family  Effort

 We worked to brighten Christmas for a local family of 5. Their wants were simple necessities, and we were blessed by the opportunity to work together to support them.

Christmas Gifts for Ronald McDonald HouseIMG_1724

Every year, the Gardiner family collects new toys, crafts, games, books and more for the Ronald McDonald House Christmas Party. The Ronald McDonald House, located near Lurie Children’s Hospital in Chicago, offers a place where families can gather when their children are hospitalized. Thank you to all who gave so generously!


Thank You for Christmas Eve 2016 Poinsettias10631186_1070684709609322_5780003291449453055_o

Altar Guild is again decorating the church for Christmas with poinsettias. Thank you to all who donated – you may take them home after 4 p.m. worship on Christmas Eve.

  • Donna & Dick Barry – Given in memory of our wonderful parents, and
    in memory of our dear friend 
 Maryann Pfenning
  • Lynn & John Brandl – In celebration of the Christ Lutheran Family
  • Theresa Calabrese – In honor of Adeline Winiecki
  • The Dahlke Family – In memory of Harry Dahlke
  • Kathy & Richard Davis – In thanks 
 and celebration
  • Shawna Johnson – In celebration of Christ Lutheran
  • The Jones Family – In memory of William E Jones and all other deceased members of our family.
  • The Menis Family – In loving memory of Lance Gonzales; E’llyn & Herb Licht; Jeff Menis & Sheldon Menis
  • June & Doug Moore – In memory of Luzene Frampton, Bob Older, 
 and Harry & Iva Grattapaglia
  • Mir, Bryan, Morgan & Hunter Pawlak – In celebration of our friends
    at Christmas
  • Fay Vaisvila – In memory of my mother and father, my brothers George and Harold, and my husband Andy
  • Barb Williams – 
In honor of my God 
 and in memory of 
my Allen

Empty Bowls Project Feeds the Hungry –
More than $1000 Raised!

  • THANK YOU to all who supported the November 6 Soup Supper – we raised more than $800 that night!
  • Hand-painted bowls are still available – and your donation will be gratefully accepted!
  • ALL DONATIONS go directly to the COOL Food Pantry – every single dollar!

All of our efforts for the Empty Bowls grassroots effort to end hunger go to COOL Ministries, which supports not only the people around it’s headquarters in Waukegan, but hundreds of people coming to them from all over Lake and Kenosha counties.  (COOL stands for Christian Outreach of Lutherans.) Thank you to Penni Sauer and her crew for putting on a wonderful Soup Supper on November 6 – more than $1000 raised to date, and additional donations gratefully accepted. Every dollar raised will go to COOL!


Cottage Meeting Worksheet

As part of our journey through the Pastoral Call Process, it is important for us to look at our ministry from a God’s Eye view. Please share your thoughts on some general questions about Christ Lutheran by downloading, completing, and returning (to offering plate) the quick Worksheet that was first distributed on on the November 12 Cottage Meeting –  (CottageMeetingWorksheet12Nov16 ). Thank you to all who participated in the Cottage Meeting and who have provided their viewpoint.


Saturday with St. Nick was Dec. 3
A Good Time had by All!
St. Nick 23

  • Saturday, Dec. 3, 2016
  • Sing Along started at 9:30 a.m.
    St. Nick was available for photos from 10 to 11(ish)
    Songs, crafts, snacks until 11:30 a.m.
  • Thank you for enjoying the morning with us! And thank you to all who helped make the day happen! Merry Christmas!

September 2016 Congregation Meeting – Notes and Info

At least twice per year we gather as a congregation to discuss the “business” and mission of our church. We gathered on Sunday, September 18 after worship. Our meeting included the opportunity to celebrate the first anniversary of the arrival of Pastor Padraig McGuire – thank you, Pastor, for your leadership. Materials from that meeting follow. Thank you to all who participated – and to everyone for their support of our ministries.


We Welcome justWorship as Ministry Partners

Christ Lutheran is excited to welcome Pastor Jin Lee and the entire justWorship community. This group will gather for non-denominational worship beginning at 11:15 a.m. in the sanctuary. Learn more at



Orlando Quilt Project –
Notes of Love and Encouragement

  • Delivered to Orlando in Late Summer 2016
  • Part of more than 2000 quilts dist13770459_1049479101753984_5290397846254356157_nributed in October 2017

Deb Barnstable was moved to create a quilt of comfort to honor the victims, survivors, families and first responders impacted by the Pulse Night Club shooting in Orlando. The back of the quilt included a special pocket where she included our congregation’s notes of encouragement and love. We prayed over this beautiful quilt on July 17, and Deb delivered it to Orlando July 24.  Deb reports that the Orlando Quilters Guild was able to gather enough quilts and quilt blocks to have 2000 quilts to distribute to those most closely  impacted by the tragedy. Here is just one YouTube video showing one of the first responder quilt distributions. May all feel our prayers and the love of God through this project. (Deb was instrumental in creating the huge “Jesus the Good Shepherd” art quilt that hangs above the sliding doors.) Thank you, Deb, for your hands and your heart!


Just for Fun…
Next Activity in the Works 

Harrison Menis (AKA Christ Lutheran Minister of Fun) has gathered folks of all ages for laser tag and bowling, with other activities in the works after things slow down this winter. Harrison’s events offer a great time to meet people and have fun. Friends are invited and encouraged – you don’t have to go to church with us to enjoy some fun together. For info or to get on “the list” so you get the notices, check with Harrison at


Lutheran Disaster Response –
Working at Home and Around the World

  • Helping now to support those hit by recent hurricanes and floods
  • Give Directly through ELCA Disaster Response website
  • The need is great – our response team is at work

The ELCA (Evangelical Lutheran Church in America), of which we are a part, provides one of the world’s most effective and immediate disaster responses. Through this ministry, we provide support to those in need locally (such as those who were hit by recent hurricanes) and globally (such as the victims of the African drought, earthquakes and war). If you are looking for a way to help, consider learning more about this effort and then donating through the ELCA Disaster Response ministry. You will find a “Give Now” button on the right side of the webpage – once you click you will find an online giving form or an address where you can mail your donations.




Updating Our Directory Info

We are updating our information so that we can communicate important information amongst our Christ Lutheran family, and so we can reach out to you if you need support. Please consider going online to fill out a quick form for you and your household – just names, street address, phone, emails. Should take about 5 minutes, and one person can complete for the entire household. Fill out as much or as little as you wish. It all stays here – we don’t sell information or anything like that! If you would rather provide info on a paper copy, please download and print out this form and return it to church – SurveyContactInfoJuly2016. Thank you!




Pet Blessing –
October 15, 2016IMG_1596 IMG_1594 IMG_1593

Thanks to all who gathered. He’s got the whole world in His hands!




What a Blast…
Christ Luther-palooza was August 28, 2016

  • FellowshipHallSept2016Blessing of Backpacks!
  • Teacher Installation!
  • PreSchool Open House!
  • Picnic Lunch!

On Sunday, August 28, we enjoyed a huge day of fun and faith. We started with 9:30 a.m. worship, which included blessing of the backpacks and installation of teachers. by 10:30 we were all enjoying PreSchool Open House as well as a big church picnic, including Morgan and Hunter’s fabulous bounce house. Thank you to all who cooked, baked, bought, cleaned, mowed, set-up, cleaned up, and otherwise helped make such a fantastic, fun day.



Happy Independence Day 2016!

It was great to see everyone at the Vernon Hills Independence Day Parade! Thanks for cheering us on!






Thanks for the New Stove, Boy Scouts

As you probably know, we sponsor Boy Scout Troop 273 and Cub Scout Pack 273. Those groups meet here in our building and we work together on projects. Recently, Boy Scout leaders were able to locate an almost-new stove, which they purchased, transported and installed. (The old one had temperature issues and we turned it on and off with the circuit breaker.) Scouts are also looking to install a shelf above for our microwave. Thank you!

Other Scout News…

  • Congratulations to the Troop’s most r1228ecent Eagle Scouts – Alex Munro (April 10), Collin Turley (May 1), Jordan Calabrese (June 12) and Ben Paterson (May 7).
  • Scouts have installed an Eagle Displ
    ay near the kitchen to highlight all of the Eagle Scouts from the 

  • Please keep the Scouts and leaders in prayer.

Thank You for Participating in the Spring 2016 Congregation Meeting



50 Soups for Super Bowl 50…

 Actually, we collected closer to 150 cans of soup on Super Bowl Sunday 2016! Thanks to all who provided. Those items will be delivered to the COOl Food Pantry in Waukegan. Also, we plan to again provide Easter Meals for the COOL program. More information, including grocery bags and shopping lists, will be provided in the coming weeks.


Sign Up for Every Member Canvass –
Be Heard!

Pastor Padraig is looking to visit each member and friend. Please consider contacting Pastor directly to set up a time so it fits your needs – or 847-367-5787. Pastor will also contact folks proactively. It’s a  great opportunity to grow as a family in Christ.


Lenten Journey 2016

Please see our Worship webpage for information on Ash Wednesday (Wed., Feb. 10 at 7 p.m.), Lenten Soup Suppers (Wednesdays starting February 17), Holy Week and Easter (March 27 at 9:30 a.m.) worship information.

We have also gathered a few Lenten Devotional resources to help guide your Lenten Journey.


Thank You for the Easter Flowers

Thank you to all who sponsored flowers for Easter 2016.IMG_1230

  • Donna & Dick Barry – In memory of our parents.
  • Kathy & Charles Bilodeau – In gratitude for Avery Grace Madij, three weeks old!
  • Lynn & John Brandl – In celebration of the Christ Lutheran family
  • Theresa Calabrese – In honor of Adeline Winiecki
  • Kathy & Rich Davis – In memory of Philip and Maryfran Davis and Ben Westre
  • Natalie Hilberg – In memory of parents Charles & Gertrude Diehl and son Michael. For the Glory of God in thanks for many blessings!
  • Jodi & Rob Jost – In memory of Bob and Betty Johnson and Darlene Jost
  • Leona Kim – In thanksgiving for my lovely sons, John and Daniel
  • Monica Lundeen – In memory of parents Doug & Marianne Palm, brother-in law Gary Rassmusen and father-in-law Robert Lundeen
  • Allie Menis – In memory of Geegee and Jeffery
  • Lois Menis – In memory of my mother E’llyn, father Herb and brother LJ
  • June & Doug Moore – In memory of Luzene Frampton, Bob Older, Jack Brown, and Harry & Iva Grathapaglia
  • Mir, Bryan, Morgan & Hunter Pawlak – In thanks for all of our family and friends, near and far
  • Maryann & Tom Pfenning – In memory of Theresa Pfenning, Louise Kuffel and Anna Spangenberger
  • Fay Vaisvila – In memory of parents Ida & Olof Salmonson,
    brother Harold, and brother George & wife Mary Ann
  • Barbara Williams – In memory of Allen
  • Sandy Zakrzewski – In memory of parents June and Cecil Gordon


Happy Birthday to Christ Lutheran Church!

Our group first gathered 38 years ago on January 15 at Hawthorn School. Back then we were known as American Lutheran Church (that was the name of our Synod then – it has since become the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America). So many memories have been made in this community – building the organ, raising the big cross out front, constructing the PreSchool wing… And new memories continue to be made. Whether you are old friends or new acquaintances, please know you are welcome here.


Blessed Christmas! 12391440_10208196002800865_6140814767649497683_n

Click to see our Video Christmas Card, and thank you to all who gathered on Christmas Eve. May you feel that peace all through the season.


Honoring Parkview Lutheran Church & School…
Thank You for the New Altar

We are blessed to receive a beautiful wooden altar from Parkview Lutheran Church anChristmasAltard School, which is being demolished. What an honor to be able to bring this beautiful worship piece into our sanctuary. We will decide as a congregation whether to keep or donate it on to another church. What a privilege to receive this important piece, which is not only beautifully made, but is also filled with the history of Parkview’s faith journey. Please keep our brothers and sisters at Parkview in your prayers as they move into new ways of worshipping as a community.



Saturday with St. Nick!
Thank you!IMG_1132

Thanks to all who made Saturday with St. Nick (December 5) such a fun event. Songs, crafts, snacks and visit with both St. Nick and Santa Claus!



Installation & Brunch Celebration

It was a blessing to celebrate the formal installation of Pastor Padraig McGuire as our Interim Minister on December 6. Thank you to Rev. Cynthia Hileman, Associate to the Bishop for our Synod, who delivered the sermon and handled the installation duties. After worship we gathered for brunch and conversation. It was so good to be together!


Thank You for the Christmas Poinsettias 2015

Thank you to all who sponsored a flower for our Advent/Christmas season. Flowers may go home with you after worship on Christmas Eve (Thursday, Dec. 24 at 4 p.m.).

  • Donna & Dick Barry – Given in Glory to God
  • Lynn & John Brandl – In celebration of the Christ Lutheran Family
  • Kathy & Richard Davis – In memory of Ben Westre, and Philip & Maryfran Davis; and in thanks for grandson Landon.
  • Natalie Hilberg – In memory of grandmother Alice Elmer and son Michael
  • Lois Menis – In memory of brother LJ and my parents
  • June & Doug Moore – In memory of Luzene Frampton and Bob Older
  • Liz & Ken Pawlak – In memory of Len & Josephine Pawlak, Helen & Willys Holmes, and Aleda & Albert Thompson
  • Maryann & Tom Pfenning – Blessings for Pastor McGuire and the congregation
  • Fay Vaisvila – In memory of my mother and father, my husband Andrew, my brother George, and my brother Harold
  • Barb Williams – In memory of my wonderful, loving husband Allen


Empty Bowls Hunger Project…
We Raised More than $1000 – and Doing it Again!

10353232_1043284315682695_3483326086857707615_oOne of our church’s missions is to help end hunger right here in our community. Our church hosted an Empty Bowls soup supper on October 25, 2015 with proceeds supporting the Vernon Township and COOL Food Pantries. Thanks to your support, more than $1000 was raised, with all money going directly to the pantries. (We’re doing it again on November 6, 2016.) Thank you to all who painted, planned, cooked, served, set up, cleaned up and enjoyed the event. Special thanks to Penni Sauer for making this event happen. For more information, please contact us at Also, check out the Empty Bowls website for information about this grass roots effort –


Scenes from Blessing of the Animals 2015

Taking a cue from St. Francis of Assisi, Pastor Padraig  blessed a gathering of creature friends on October 24.

IMG_0879 IMG_0876 IMG_0877



Welcome Pastor Padraig McGuire
Or should we say, welcome back!

We have called Pastor Padraig (Patrick) McGuire to join us as our Interim Minister. Many of you may know Pastor Padraig, who was with us several years ago as an interim. Pastor McGuire joined us as worship leader on Sunday, September 20!

About Pastor Padraig: First off, the name. Padraig is Irish for Patrick (translates to Peter). Pastor began using this spelling after the death of his father and namesake to honor his memory. Pastor McGuire, ordained as minister in the ELCA in 1995, has served a number of congregations throughout the Metro Chicago Synod over the last fifteen years as Interim Pastor, Regularly Called Pastor, Parochial School Teacher and Cantor (Lutheran-speak for Chief Musician). Padraig is a trained musician and brings this gift to his pastoral ministry. He holds Master of Theological Studies and Master of Divinity degrees. Asked to articulate his view of ministry and Christian witness in one sentence, Pastor says: “It is to bring light and hope to the place we find ourselves in Jesus Name.”




Update on Call Process:
Welcoming Pastor Padraig McGuire as Interim Pastor

  • Information about the process of Calling a Pastor is available on the Synod website, on the Congregational Support/Transition Process webpages
  • The steps of the call process are outlined on the Transition Process document
  • Our Interim Covenant(initial job description/offer) was provided to the Synod in June – CLCInterimMinistryCovenant25June2015
  • We began interviewing Interim candidates in July. Per protocol, those names were kept confidential.
  • We are finalizing details to join with Pastor Padraig McGuire as our Interim Minister. He is expected to preach beginning Sunday, September 20. Alleluia!

With the resignation of Pastor Sue Beadle (June 7), our congregation began the process of transitioning to a new pastoral leader.

We are pleased to announce that we are joining in ministry with Pastor Padraig McQuire as our interim minister – which is a pastor who specializes in shorter-term assignments as churches transition into another longer-term pastoral relationship. Given our current resources, Pastor Padraig has agreed to a part-time contract of 20 to 25 hours per week. We expect that Pastor Padraig will be with us for approximately a year, during which time we will get our bearings and begin a formal call process. While we are still finalizing details, we plan for Pastor Padraig to lead us in worship beginning on September 20.

Updated information about the process of calling a pastor has been included in each Sunday’s Announcements, as well as on the resources linked at the beginning of this article.

Thank you to our Summer Pastors:  Over the summer, we have been so fortunate to be served by a host of experienced, energetic “supply” pastors (the church’s term for “substitute” pastors) who have lead us in worship and held us in prayer. This summer, we are honored to be served by Pastor Dan Shutters (June 28, August 9 and September 6), Rev. Carole Willer (July 5, 12 and 26), Rev. Fred Rajan (July 19 and August 30), Pastor Vikki Ward Martin (August 2 and 16), and Rev. Carl Rabbe (August 23). We also thank Rev. Cynthia Hileman, Associate to the Bishop, for leading us on June 14, and for Tom Pfenning for his volunteer service on June 21.


REPORT: Congregation Meeting Actions

On Sunday, June 28, we gathered for our semi-annual congregation meeting. The meeting included formal election of officers, a review of finances, and an update on the process of calling a pastor. For information, please refer to the following documents:

The roster of leaders, who will continue on until next year, includes the following: Lynn Brandl, Pres; Tom Pfenning, VP; Rich Davis, Financial Sec; Judy Tetour, Secretary; Jodi Jost, Education; Penni Sauer, Outreach; Lois Menis, Fellowship; Scott Marler, Youth; Carlene Lichter, PreSchool Pres; Rob Jost, PreSchool VP.  Thank you to all who participated in the meeting, and who continue to support this congregation with energy and prayer.


New Church Rising: A Message from MCSELCA Bishop Miller

As part of the sermon on Sunday, June 21, the congregation watched a short video message from Bishop Wayne Miller. One of the ideas was that as the corporate church evolves to better serve, we might evolve into “affiliated mission communities.” Such a concept has been discussed at length in our congregation as we pray and think about what it is that God needs us to do and how we can best do it. Thank you for your prayers for our congregation – and keep thinking “outside of the box” so that we do and be what God wants.


Lutheran Disaster Response at Work at Home and Around the World

The ELCA (Evangelical Lutheran Church in America), of which we are a part, provides one of the world’s most effective and immediate disaster responses. Through this ministry, we provide support to those in need locally (such as those who were hit by recent floods and tornados) and global (such as the areas hit by the Nepal earthquakes). If you are looking for a way to help, consider donating through the ELCA Disaster Response ministry. You will find a “Give Now” button on the right side of the webpage – once you click you will find an online giving form or an address where you can mail your donations.


Bread for the World Letter Writing Initiative – Feeding Hungry Children Here at Home

Bread for the World is a nonprofit organization focused on issues of hunger and our response as people of faith. The group has asked that we alert our congregation to the fact that several programs aimed at feeding hungry low-income children will expire early this fall. Those who work in our schools know that hunger is a huge part of many children’s lives right here in our own community. Bread for the World is asking people to contact our lawmakers to urge them to continue to support hunger initiatives. If this issue touches your heart, consider reading more at the Bread for the World website, which also includes contact information for our legislators as well as sample communications.


The Call Newsletter

  • Emailed periodically to emails on file
  • View it by clicking here

The Call newsletter is distributed via email to our mailing list each month. (Please check your spam folder and add us to your contacts.) General announcements are also distributed each Sunday. If you would like to receive The Call, please send an email to or To download a copy of the newsletter, or view recent Sunday Bulletin Announcements, please visit  The Call webpage.


PreSchool/Extended Day Registration Continues

While many of our PreSchool classes are already full, we encourage parents to check on availability. PreSchool offers morning classes as well as options for early drop off, lunch bunch, afternoon enrichment, Kindergarten Extended Day and more. For information on any of these programs, contact the PreSchool at 847-367-5791 or, or click on the PreSchool webpages


Prayer Chain/Support Requests

If you or someone you know needs prayer or support, consider alerting the Christ Lutheran Prayer Chain. Members commit to pray for your need immediately. You may remain anonymous. To request prayer or pastoral support, please email or call the church office at 847-367-5787.


ELCA RELIEF:  Working to Feed the Hungry, Support the Flood Ravaged, Fight Ebola, and Help Where Help is Needed

Christ Lutheran is part of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA), which offers one of the strongest and fastest relief and humanitarian responses in the world. Early on, churches and relief workers in Africa requested ELCA support in dealing with the Ebola outbreak. As part of that larger church, we are responding with our resources and our prayers. If you would like to learn more about what we are doing through ELCA, and how Phebe and Curran Lutheran Hospitals in Liberia are serving thousands, please visit




Thanks for Playing!
Family Game Night Rocked the House 

Thanks to all of the folks who came out for Fame Night on Sunday, February 8 from 5 to 7 p.m. We shared a light supper and played games, including White Elephant Bingo (which turned into Speed Bingo, just to keep things extra interesting). Thanks to all who brought food, white elephant prizes and more. Special thanks to Please contact Penni Sauer for getting it organized.



Did you notice our sign last month? Or marks above some of our doorways? You might see this more often in Europe during Epiphany, which is our current liturgical season. The letters C, M and B stand for the initials of what tradition says are the names of the Magi: Caspar, Melchior and Belthasar. These letters also abbreviate the Latin phrase Christus Mansionem Benedicat – Christ bless this house. The beginning and ending numbers are the year and the crosses represent Christ.


Thanks to Our Feed My Starving Children Packing Team!

On January 2, an energetic group from Christ Lutheran Church & Preschool icked off the new year by helping pack meals at our local Feed My Starving Children site. The group packed 32,400 meals – enough to feed 89 children for a year! What a great day for a great cause. JonesFamStay tuned for upcoming packing dates. More photos are posted on the Events Gallery page. Learn more about the effort by visiting the Feed My Starving Children website.



Congrats on a Great Eagle Scout Project

Jordan Calabrese, representing our partner Boy Scout Troop 273, organized the assembly of  250 emergency backpacks – enough to supply each teacher/classroom at Hawthorn District 73.  As part of Jordan’s Eagle Scout project, the 16-year-old Vernon Hills High chool student coordinated the work of 60 volunteers who assembled emergency kits complete with water, blankets, rain ponchos, clipboards and paper/pens, hand sanitizer, flashlights, first aid kits and a variety of other essentials.   1228“The packs can help with lots of emergencies,” Jordan said, “If there were a fire in winter students would have the blankets. If schools lost power, students would have access to water and glow sticks.” Great work, Jordan. 


Collecting Hats, Mittens, Scarves…

This November 2014, our Caring Hands group put together 150 sets of hats/mittens/scarves for children who visit or who are served by the Lake County Court system. These children are in desperate need of warmth and comfort. That 150 sets will be used up right away – so Caring Hands will continue to gather items all winter. If you see a good sale, or if you are handy at making things, please consider supporting this effort. Collection bins are under the church mailboxes.


Thanks for the Refreshments!

Thank you to everyone who has donated funds or treats for our after-worship refreshments, and thank you to those who volunteer to set up and clean up. We all enjoy the opportunity to catch up with each other and have a little snack. And while we don’t all have the baking skills of our friends Natalie and Lois, or the exceptional bakery connections of Fay, the group is appreciative of anything – you can never go wrong with Oreos, right? If you would like to help, there is a sign up on the bulletin board across from the mail slots as well as “Fellowship Food” envelopes to go toward the cause. Or just drop your Oreos off in the kitchen. They will be joyfully consumed. Thank you to all who help make fellowship fun. Thank you, also, to our partner Boy Scouts who provided us with a new Kuerig machine!


ELCA Good Gifts Catalog

  • Great ideas for the person who has everything and needs nothing
  • Make a difference in the world with just a few dollars!

What to buy for the person who has everything? How about a pig? Or a malaria net? Or a warm meal? You can give all of these things and 47 more options through the ELCA Good Gifts catalog. This year’s catalog offers easy ways for our families to save coins and dollars toward purchases that make a real difference in the world. (Did you know you can buy 6 large, durable water transport jugs for only $12?)  The ELCA (the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America – the group to which our congregation belongs) offers one of the world’s most effective and respected responses to disaster relief and humanitarian aid. If you feel called to this ministry, please check the online Good Gifts catalog.


 ELCA World Hunger Efforts

We are part of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, which for decades has been feeding people here at home and around the world through the ELCA World Hunger initiative. As a partner of churches, social ministry organizations and development and advocacy organizations, ELCA World Hunger helps reach communities most in need throughout the world. From health clinics to microloans, food pantries to soup kitchens, advocacy to community organizing, our gifts are supporting innovative solutions that get at the root causes of hunger. Last year, gifts to ELCA World Hunger supported at least 636 projects around the world, including 388 food pantries, homeless shelters and other projects in the United States; and 239 sustainable development, health and other projects around the world. Learn more about our efforts to feed the world on the ELCA’s World Hunger webpages.


Caring Hands Offers Comfort

Our Caring Hands group gathers to create blankets, quilts, prayer shawls, hats and more. Items are made with love, prayed over, then given to those who could use some comfort. You don’t have to be particularly handy – there are jobs for everyone as we work together to make these hand-crafted items that offer a physical reflection of God’s love at work in the world.

In addition to holding several group work days, Caring Hands supporters work in other ways as well. The group is looking for items to make hat/mitten/scarf sets, which are donated to children served by Lake County Courthouse advocates. You can buy inexpensive mittens and other items, or if you are crafty please feel free to make them. If you like knitting, crocheting and other crafts, Caring Hands can provide patterns and ideas for how you can work from home to make items for the effort, too. For instance, making prayer shawls or cutting fleece for blankets.  For more information or for craft patterns, please contact or the church office, or 847-367-5787.



Thank You for Supporting Bethel New Life

  • Support Bethel with Your Online Shopping at AmazonSmile

Our congregation works in partnership with Bethel New Life, a non-profit formed by a Lutheran church on Chicago’s West Side. Bethel provides a variety of powerful initiatives – affordable housing, elder support, youth intervention, job training.

If you are an online shopper, you can continue to support Bethel by using the AmazonSmile or Buying2Give portal. By just going through those charitable “doorways” you will support Bethel, as Amazon will give up to 4% of your purchase back to them.  Visit or visit – search for and designate “Bethel New Life in Chicago, IL” as organization to receive your percentage back gift. Both of these sites are open all year round.

Thank you to all who provided items for this year’s Bethel Christmas Store, a gift exchange that helps more than 550 families and 200 seniors celebrate Christmas with joy and dignity.  Bethel can also use help sorting and stocking the Christmas Store. Most importantly, please keep the Bethel families and volunteers in your prayers. For information, visit




A Thank You Card to God

As we approach Thanksgiving, we take time to count our blessings. In the church world, we often also take time to ask members to pledge their giving for the upcoming year. Christ Lutheran does not approach the business end of church in this manner – we do not distribute pledge cards and ask people to continually dig deeper. Rather, we hope each of us will take time to reflect and think of just one blessing God has given us, and then just one small thing we can do to give honor and glory back to Him. Please do this not from guilt or obligation, but rather from a mindset of trying to find something that feels right – something we are each “called” to do. One can of corn to the C.O.O.L. Food pantry drive, a note of encouragement to a friend who needs a lift, an effort to start your day with a quick prayer of gratitude and thanks… No matter what blessing you decide, we pray that the blessing you give will, in turn, bless you as well.  To help guide your, please consider using the Thank You Card, Stewardship2014ThankYou. Visit online internet casino guide.


Preschool Tidbit

FAMILY WEEK/BOOK FAIR April 24 through 28.
CHAPEL April 26 & 27 at 11 a.m.
KIDS KAMP begins June 5.
REGISTRATION UNDERWAY for Summer Kids Kamp and Fall PreSchool.

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